Do TracFones work in other countries?

I’m thinking of switching from my normal cell phone to a prepaid one, a TracFone to be exact. But since I travel between United States and Russia, I want to know if it will work out of the country. I am going to get a GSM phone, but will the phone service work on the other side of the world? Will the charges be a lot higher? Has anyone had any experience with this, or with other types of prepaid phones?

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  • Dixon

    I had a nokia tracfone here in uk a couple of years ago and the answer was no, i tried to get it sorted by taking to a phone medic, a very good one but no, at least at that time. I can’t recall the model no. but it was very similar in appearance to the nokia 3310 and 3330 and was grey and operated on a BL5C battery the same as a 6230.

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