How many hours (ahead or behind) is…?

I’m trying to calculate how many hours difference that Central time (USA) is to Johor Baru, West Malaysia and from Central time (USA) to Moscow, Russia.

I know, travelling west from the Hawaiian islands that the International Date Line is crossed. – Is the time ADDED (+) or SUBTRACTED (-) the further west you travel past this International Date Line at the Pacific Ocean?

And how many hours difference is West Malaysia to Moscow Russia?

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  • tichur

    All the world’s time is based on GMT (Grenwich Mean Time).

    The 24 time zones use GMT as sort of a starting point and then add or subtract from that.

    GMT can be found at the site below:

    By using the GMT you can know the time in the following cities

    CDT in the USA (Chicago) is GMT-5. If the GMT is 10:00 pm subtract 5 hrs…5 pm in CST.
    WARNING the USA is now in Daylight Savings Time. After November 1 subtract an additional hour adjustment to Central Standard Time…GMT-6.

    Add or subtract the following #s from GMT to get the correct local times. If it’s 10 pm GMT:

    Moscow is GMT+3…1 am
    Hawaii is GMT-10… 8 am
    Johor Baru is GMT+8… 6 am

    Today, the time difference between CDT (Chicago) USA and Johor Baru is 11 hrs.

    Time difference between Moscow and West Malaysia is 5 hrs.

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