Why Grace hotel in bangkok is full of old ladies from Uzbekistan?

I recently traveled to Bangkok. i visited the Grace Hotel in Sukumvit several times. My friend told me that there are lot of Russian Girls in Grace hotel but i did not see any. Most of them were overweight old ladies from Uzbekistan. So what happened to the Russian girls?

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10 Comments to “Why Grace hotel in bangkok is full of old ladies from Uzbekistan?”

  • Khun Bob

    You go to Bangkok and you’re looking for Russian girls? Strange, very strange. Well I wouldn’t know a Uzbekistan girl from a Russian girl. Aren’t they all the same? I hear you may find some Russian girls working a few bars in Pattaya give that a try.

  • Dan

    You will find some sketchy Russian girls hanging out in all red light district,some hotels & after hour bars .

  • weescotsguy66

    Go to Novotel Hotel in Siam Square

  • B Byrd

    What does a nice girl like you with blue hair want with a Russian hooker? Never mind, go to Pattaya. On Beach Road between Royal Garden Mall and the Walking Street area you will usually find some. That is unless the police find them first!

    The Grace Hotel is popular with tourists from the Middle East and other Muslim countries.

    Happy hunting.

  • james rice

    i went to the grace Hotel in 1985 it was full of arabs and the thai girls thy wear a little bit porky with Chan’s from ear to noes abit arab Stile i sat down and a arab gave me 500 baht and said get a drink so time gos on no problem.let the times roll on. have you thort of going to Moscow .BILL.

  • andy195220022003

    The Uzbek ladies you see in Grace Hotel are all Muslims. Grace Hotel is one of the most favored hotel for Arabs and most of them want a Muslim lady only. So the Uzbek ladies are there.
    These days large number of Russian girls are in Bangkok and Pattaya. If you go to Rajaah Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 4, you can find plenty of young and nice Russian girls.

  • Jennabean

    I am more than sure that you are not attractive. plus do you think the russian girls would want you. just as you are sure of your opinion of black women, i am sure they wouldn’t even blink towards you. asian men are the least wanted by opposite races.

  • Ah J

    I believed your friend is not lying about the Russian Girls in Grace hotel. Maybe you went at the wrong time and the overweight old ladies from Uzbekistan has just taken over the shift? Well, if you are hungry and can’t have lean meat, why not try the stubborn fat meat? It might surprise you? Bon appetite?

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